We are sorry to inform our parishioners and guests that with the new Red Zone safety stipulations, all our services will accessible only online. Therefore in-person participation will not be permitted for some four weeks.

Please DO participatemore than ever – via our live-streaming capability. Let us stay connected day-by-day to our Lord and to each other as a Parish! 

These are our present Liturgy times

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Glory to Jesus Christ! Слава Ісусу Христу!

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Questions you need to ask yourself before coming to church….

– Did I travel by air in the past two weeks?

– Have I been close to someone infected with COVID-19?

– Is anyone in my household quarantined or in isolation?

Do I have a cough, fever, shortness of breath, runny, nose or sore throat?

If you answered YES to any of the questions, please do NOT enter the church until you can answer “NO” to all the questions.

And Please adhere to our parish Covid precautions…. one entrance, different exit (unless for mobility issues)…, hand sanitizer…, social distancing…, directional flow…, follow ushers’ instructions…, help sanitize your place…, etc.

Please BYOM! Masks are MANDATORY




Our condolences to the family and friends of Joe Ewanochko and Alex Lasota who recently completed their earthly journey.


Act of Spiritual Holy Communion….

My Jesus, I believe that You are present in these Holy Gifts! I love You above all things and I desire to receive You into my soul. Since I cannot receive You now, I place before You my whole life and hope, O loving Master; and I ask, pray, and entreat You: Make me worthy to partake in a mystical way and with a pure conscience of Your awesome and heavenly Mysteries: for forgiveness of sins, for the pardon of offenses, for communion of the Holy Spirit, for the inheritance of the kingdom of heaven, for confidence before You, and not for judgment or condemnation. I embrace You as You enter and abide in me, and I unite myself completely to You. Permeate my soul and body, and never permit me to be separated from You. Amen.

 Мій Ісусе! Я вірю, що Ти присутній у цих Святих Дарів! Люблю Тебе над усе і моя душа тужить за Тобою. Не можу зараз Тебе прийняти в Євхаристії, тому хоча б духовно прийди до мого серця! Запрошую Тебе, відчиняю навстіж двері мого серця, згадаючи Твої слова: «Ось стою під дверима і стукаю. Якщо хто почує Мій голос і відчинить двері, Я ввійду до нього, і буду вечеряти з ним, а він зі Мною». Я ввесь єднаюся з Тобою. Ісусе, моє найвище Добро й моя солодка Любове! Торкнись мого серця і запали його, щоб воно завжди палало любов’ю до Тебе!  Амінь.







The slow-but-sure “Reopening” of our Parish! What’s the plan? 

 What to do…

1. Offer a prayer of thanksgiving to the Lord  […].

2. Read the full text of the Archeparchial reopening Covid-19 Directive #5  [HERE]

3. Ask yourself the usual safety questions and only if you can answer “No” to all five, and you would like to attend a service or visit the church, then call the parish to “pre-register”. The four questions are: 1. Did I travel by air in the past two weeks? 2. Have I been close to someone infected with COVID-19? 3. Is anyone in my household quarantined or in isolation? 4.  Do I have a cough, fever, shortness of breath, runny nose, or sore throat? 5. Have I read and understood the above-mentioned Directives #5 and Commentaries?

4. Parishioners MUST pre-register to participate in a Sunday Divine Liturgy for yourself (and other family members) by calling the parish office 204-667-8866 and letting the Office Manager or by leaving a message by the end of the office day on THURSDAY. […]

5. Try to arrive at the church some at least 10 minutes prior to the service. […]

6. Follow all the instructions given by the ushers and the presiding member of the clergy. …use hand sanitizer when entering the church and when leaving…. keep at a distance of 6-feet from other individuals at all times… follow the directional arrows (forward up the centre and back only by the sides)…  sit only in “open” pews and at a spot tagged by green tape… individuals from the same household may sit in one pew… help to sanitize your own spot (where you sat and the top/back of the pew in front of you)… wearing a mask or having one to use is very much encouraged… there is one entrance and a different exit (with  the exception of those who need the handicap elevator)no socializing can be permitted at this time in the church or on the church parking lot (there will be a time soon enough)…         If you can, please offer to help as an usher/sanitizer…








Our Church is truly a beautiful place to enter. The frescoes, the stained glass windows, the icons and banners and arches – all illuminated by natural light – uplift the soul to prayerful silence. Far more beautiful than the artwork are the living icons of the Lord – our many parishioners and visitors that reflect the gifts and graces of God in so many different ways. However… the greatest beauty of our church – one that overshadows all the rest – is the awesome REAL presence of our Lord… Who speaks to us in the depth of our souls and showers our lives with His Grace!

Please, come and join us in the joyful worship of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus!

Explore the mystery of the Holy Eucharist